Weekend Art Class

With Catbyun


  • ​​Weekend Art Class helps students to develope their artistic skills through hands on experience and encouragement in studio classes. 
  • We provide them with a deeper appreciation for the Fine Arts.
  • We teach art to open young minds to the possibilties in Art and Life  ​
 주말 미술교실은 학생들이 실기를  통해서 순수미술에 대한 이해를 넓히고
기교를 배우고 향상시키도록 돕습니다
학생들이 미술을 통해 삶과 예술에의 가능성으로 열려있도록 가르칩니다 
  Catherine Soondeuk Byun

   MFA  in Painting,  Graduate School of Fine Arts, Pratt Insititute, Brooklyn, NY.
   MFA  in Painting,  Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.
   BFA   College of Fine Art Dept., Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.  

  National Certificate of Secondary School Art Instruction, Seoul, Korea.
       (한국 중등학교 미술교사 자격증 소지) 

  • Had 3 Solo Exhibitions and many different exhibitions.  ​​(​My new work will appear in a group show, Hee Gallery, 64 Central Street, Holliston, MA01746 during 11/18 - 3/3/2017)

  • 2005-2006  Assistant curator at First Standard Bank Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • ​​2000-'02      Studio Art Class Instructor at  Hong-Ik University, Ulsan University,
                          In-Chon Catholic University, Jeonju University, Korea. 
      ​                      (홍익대학교-드로잉, 표현기법과 재료,  울산대학교-고급드로잉, 졸업전시 준비,
                              인천가톨릭대학교-기초드로잉, 고급 유화,  전주대학교-기초유화, 고급회화 수업등에 출강)

  • 1998-'99      Taught at Herbert G. Birch Wester Queens Ecc, Long Island City, NY

  • 1996-'97      Teaching Assistant for Joseph A. Smith's Junior and Senior Studio Painting
                           Classes at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. 

  • 1996             Taught Junior High School Students Drawing and Painting Class through
                            Pratt Institute Saturday Art School Program, Brooklyn, NY